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The Montgomery County Rams are an adult football team comprised of men who share a love for football and spirited competition.  We are a non-profit organization focused on improving the education and social-awareness of our community's children and young adults.  We have teamed up with several other non-profit organizations such as BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER of THE NATIONAL CAPITAL AREA

The Rams are based in Silver Spring, MD, and are dedicated to serving the communities of Montgomery County, Prince George's County and the entire Washington Metropolitan area.

Our mission is to utilize the game of football as an educational tool for creating an environment in which we can mentor young men.  We have established our own mentoring and youth program.  Through this organization, we host a series of football camps, seminars and 
community events that help develop the intellectual, physical, social and athletic skills necessary for young men to be successful both on and off the football field.  Over the past two seasons we have helped over forty young men and women enroll into four year colleges.

The Rams have made their goal of 2016 to help over 100 high school seniors and high school graduates reach their dreams of a secondary education. This goal may be ambitious, but so is the Ram's commitment to the community that supports them.


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Montgomery County
2016 Montgomery County Rams
"The season begins now Rams!!"

​We start practicing on Monday, May 2nd.  We came up short in 2015.  The season begins now Rams!   We will find out who's serious and who's playing around.  We will find out which new comer will leave an impact in 2016.  We will find out which veteran worked their behind off this off season.  We will find all this out starting Monday, May 2nd.

We will be in shorts, t-shirt an cleats.  Men, please wear our colors.  Navy blue, vegas gold and white.  The month of May will wear the aforementioned gear.  This is to help with conditioning and getting our scheme down.  That's the focus in May.  We will go full gear on June 1st and scrimmage on June 4th.  So make the most out of this month.  Those who know our scheme will play, those who don't tough luck.

2016 is vindication to the TFL.  We need all hand on deck to make this hppen.  It onl;y happen at practice.  Otherwise, we  will continue to lose.  You're not losers.  See you on Monday men!!!!!!!! 

202-531-9194  Coach Cliff
202-705-5201 Coach Q

Practice location:     Takoma Recreation Center
                                     300 Van Buren Street, NW
                                     Washington, DC
                                     ( grass field beside Coolidge High School) 
Time:                          7:30PM - 10:00PM

What you will need:
Heart and desire
Discipline and dedication
Shorts, t-shirt and cleats